Grade 4 Leadership

A highlight of Grade 4 leadership is attending Camp Van Es Grade 4 Retreat

Grade 4 Leadership is an opportunity for all grade 4 students to be involved in creating a safe, caring, respectful and welcoming environment and culture for all students of our school with 3 leadership teams: Young Citizen Team,  School Spirit & Global Ukrainian Team. 

Those who participate in the program help foster a sense of belonging, respect and responsibility in a variety of learning. Students learn that  Jesus made it very clear that His coming into the world was unlike anyone else on earth. He came not to be served but to serve. The students learn to serve others and genuine love go hand in hand. 

Some activities Grade 4 Leadership students participate include:

  • Leading monthly assemblies 
  • Promoting school theme/activity days
  • Hosting school-wide events
  • Hosting special guests at our school
  • Supporting programs such as Shoe Drive, Coats for Kids and Strathcona County Food Bank Drive
  • Being a master of ceremonies for special school events
  • Organizing special equipment on the playground 


Students in this program are also given a number of opportunities to grow their leadership and public speaking skills.