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One to One in EICS

Device Program at Staples for Grade 4s

One to One Technology program in EICS for 2023-2024


At Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS), our mission is to inspire success, confidence and hope in each student. As leaders in the use of technology, we encourage creative and innovative learning. Today’s students are already technology leaders.  This generation of students we call Gen Z simply hasn’t known a time without the device. They are also likely to be more tech-savvy than other generations. They want to take the technology they use in their daily lives and make it a part of their classroom experience. Research tells us that if we bring technology into their learning experiences, we will increase engagement which leads to improved student success.


EICS has implemented One-to-One in grades 4 to 12, which means students can bring their own device to school as another tool for educational purposes. In the classroom, students are expected to use their device responsibly, and only with the permission and facilitation of the teacher or other staff members. We know, technology alone will not improve learning— when combined with effective teaching strategies to support active thinking about the information and executing problem-solving skills, amazing learning can happen.


Some advice when setting up a new device:

  • A second gmail account is not necessary and not recommended. Students will use their school Gmail account, (Student #)@EICS.ab.ca to set up their new device as this will better allow the device to meet our EICS network security. 
  • A protective carrying case is a good idea to protect the device from accidental falls
  • It not necessary or advisable to set up distractors like theme pages, cursor icons, or game icons
  • It is important to remember the device is another tool for learning and not a toy


Please take some time to thoroughly review all the information provided.


One-To-One Frequently Asked Questions

What devices will be supported?

We recommend the Chromebook as the ideal device due to price, battery life, fast startup and usability. 

What are the minimum requirements for a device?

A device brought for learning should meet the following requirements:

★ Internet-ready (preferably with the Chrome browser) ★ Ability to type ★ Battery life of a full school day (6 hours) ★ Labelled for identification on the device and charger cord★ Google Apps For Education (GAFE) friendly if it’s a handheld device.

This means it has the following Google apps:

○ Google Drive

○ Gmail

○ Google Docs

○ Google Slides

○ Google Sheets

○ Google Classroom

Is there anything else you recommend the device to have?

Yes. It is recommended that the device have a minimum screen size of 7 inches as well as a physical keyboard for ease of use.

Do you have a partnership with any distributor for us to purchase a device?

Yes! We partnered with Staples School Tools. For more information, see the link above;One to One Technology Program

My child does not have a device to bring to school. Will they be penalized or miss out on instruction?

No, it’s not mandatory that you bring a device to use, even if you do own one. Technology is another tool that students can use that will enhance their learning by making it more personalized and authentic.

Who is responsible for maintaining the device?

Students are responsible for the management and maintenance of their own device.

Will my child be able to charge their device at school during the day?

Students will be expected to bring their device fully charged for the school day. Due to the number of students we expect to participate in the One-To-One initiative, we cannot reasonably expect to provide charging facilities in school for the student devices.


Where can students use their device?

Students will be allowed to use their device in the classroom and throughout the school to support their learning and at the discretion of the teacher.

My child is bringing a device to school for instructional purposes. Will they have access to things they normally do with district equipment?

Your child will have access to any of the web-based software the school currently uses (Google Apps For Education, library search tools, etc).

How will my son’s/daughter’s device be used in the classroom?

Students will engage in an integrated curriculum, access information and apply it to solve authentic problems. For more information please contact your child’s teacher.

What if my child’s device is stolen or damaged? What recourse can I take?

Students bringing their own device to school do so at their own risk, just like any other personal item. The school will not be held responsible if an electronic device or other item is lost, stolen or misplaced. We suggest that you label the device in some way as to identify it if needed.

Is it required that my child use the school wireless network? Can they use their own data service?

For security reasons, students with their own device need to use the POD wireless network. You own your device, but the network you’re using belongs to the school and internet access will be filtered.

My child cannot get their device to connect to the network. Can someone from EICS help? Please keep in mind that it is not the responsibility of EICS staff to troubleshoot individuals devices throughout the day. However, EICS will provide support for connectivity to the POD network.

My child needs to print the assignment they completed, why is there no printer provided? Printers are networked differently in the school and may not be available when you log in to the POD network. Some solutions to this are creating and sharing a Google Doc, emailing the document to your teacher, printing it out at home or another computer linked to a printer.


As a student, am I still held accountable for the “Responsible Use Agreement for Technology” I signed even though this is my personal device?

Yes, in order to use your personal device in the school’s learning environment you must have both the Responsible Use Agreement and the One-To-One User Agreement signed.


If you have any further questions, we invite you to contact the school.


St. Nicholas Administration Team,  

Peter Rachmistruk and Barb Rafuse