Transportation Information

Notes for riding and alternate bus

If you require your child to ride a different bus to or from school, you must send a note to the school one day prior to the day your child needs to ride a different bus.  The school staff will sign the note which will then be given to the driver by your child.  If a student does not have a note from their parent or guardian which has been signed by the school office, we cannot allow them to ride a different bus.  If this is a long-term arrangement, you must contact the Transportation Department to make arrangements. Note– Several routes do not have capacity for extra riders. Students taking an alternate bus will be refused with a note signed by the school office. 

Bus delays/cancellations

The Transportation Department communicates bus delays and cancellations on the EICS website and via the SynreVoice call out and email system. Please ensure your phone numbers and and emails are correct at the school. 

Winter weather apparel requirements for riding school buses

Our bus drivers are always putting the safety of your children first. As the weather is getting colder, and in the event of a break down, please make sure your children come to school dressed for the weather. 

EICS Transportation Department